This Privacy Policy defines the policy for the windows phone application 'frost'. It describes how the application uses functionality on your phone and how this information is treated by the frost API's.

1. Content
The meteorological content is provided in full by yr.no XML forecasts. They are not in any way modified. Forecasts that uses 'Your current location' uses API's from frost as well as location API's on your device to determine the device position. Read more about this in pt. 2

2. Location API
In order to provide forecast based on your current location the device location API's are used as well as frost backend API's. frost API's does not save your device position, or information that would link position against your specific device.

3. BING Maps
When the user views details about a location, BING Maps API are used to place the given location's position on the map. In this case read BING Maps privacy policy.

4. Search
When using the search feature. Only the search term is sent to frost. The information is not stored.